Xtractor Result Codes

Description of result return codes.


Member name Value Description
Success 0 The corresponding call was successfully executed.
ProductError -1 A product specific error has occurred.
FileNotFound -2 The file was not found.
OldFileFound -3 The file exists, but is older than the expected conversion time.
DirectoryNotFound -4 A directory could not be found.
ValueOutofRange -5 The specified value was not found in a collection.
CannotOverwriteExisting -6 The desired output file exists, but current settings do not allow the file to be overwritten.
UnableToMoveFile -7 A file could not be moved/copied to the desired location.
CreateDirectoryFailed -8 An attempt to create a directory failed.
UnableToAccessFile -9 Unable to access the desired file.
InvalidParameter -10 An invalid value/object was passed to a function.
NullParameter -11 A null argument was passed to a function.
Exception -12 An exception occurred outside any specific functionality.
NotInitialized -60 A plugin, or initializable instance, was not properly initialized before being called.
CallNotSupported -13 The current call is not supported in the executing context.
NotLicensed -998 The product is not licensed.
PdfHasNoPage -6000 The current pdf has no page or corrupted.
KeywordNotFound -6001 Keyword is not found in the pdf.
TextNotFound -6002 Text is not found in the pdf.
ImageNotFound -6003 Image is not found in the pdf.
PasswordProtected -6004 The pdf is password protected.
OpenPDFFailed -6005 Failed to open PDF.
InsufficientPermission -6006 Insufficient Permission.
ExceedEvaluationLimit -6007 Exceeded the limit set for Evaluation license.
DeveloperLicenseRandomStamp -6008 Random stamp added to Developer License.