Converting an Evaluation License to a Production License

After the ActivePDF evaluation periods expires, the product is no longer usable. If you wish to continue using the product you can purchase a production license or request an extension of the evaluation period from

To purchase a license:

  1. Go to, and from the Products menu, select your product.
  2. Scroll down the product page, and select the Pricing & Licensing tab.
  3. Select a license type, and click Get it Now.

    The purchase screen displays where you can enter you payment details.

  4. Open ActivePDF License Manager and add your new serial number.

    Note: When the new serial number is added, the evaluation serial number is automatically removed. If it is not removed, highlight the evaluation serial number and click Remove.

  5. Restart all the ActivePDF services.

Your product is now updated to a production license, and ready for you to use.