Frequently Asked WebGrabber Conversion Questions (FAQs)

Here are some short topics that answer WebGrabber conversion issues customers have had in the past.

1. Native engine: When FitToPage is set to True, data such as radio buttons, text, and dropboxes on the page break are split between Pages 1 and 2 in the output PDF, instead of displaying on either Page 1 or Page2.

This is by design. FitToPage instructs WebGrabber to force the content into a specified page size, regardless of right margin or page breaks. The workaround is to set FitToPage to False.

2. When using the Internet Explorer engine, dynamic Google charts in the source file are missing in the output PDF.

Use the WaitBeforePrinting property to set enough time for the charts to load.

Note: If you are converting a local file ("file:///xxxxx") on your computer system, follow these steps to configure Internet Explorer to allow active content to run in local files:

  • In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
  • Scroll down to Security and and check:
    Allow active content to run in files on My Computer.

3. When logging in remotely using Internet Explorer 9 or later, conversion attempts fail.

Internet Explorer 9 and later requires the user to be logged in to create files.

To be granted file creation permission, reboot the remote machine and log in as the WebGrabber Internet Explorer user.

Note: For information about WebGrabber user accounts on Windows Server 2012 or later, see Installing WebGrabber on Windows Server 2012 or Later

4. Using the SetMargins and FitToPage properties together to convert this HTML page that include fixed-width tables, the output PDF does not display as expected.

Comment: Fixed width tables can cause text to be cutoff when using FitToPage and SetMargin.

Instead of applying a width to a table, wrap it in a div element and set a width to the div element.

Or set margins to 0, 0, 0, 0.

5. Native engine: The SSL 3.0 Protocol used with the native engine may be vulnerable to the POODLE attack.

When using the Native engine, you may now select the security protocol to use with the SslProtocol property or the WebGrabber Configuration Manager > WebGrabber Profiles Engine tab (in the Conversion Engine section, select Native).