WebGrabber 2013: HTML to PDF Conversion with the Native Engine Results in Inconsistent Spacing

When converting HTML to PDF using WebGrabber 2013, the first page of the output PDF has a larger amount of space before the first line of text than do subsequent pages.

Note: This issued was resolved in WebGrabber 2016, and this work-around is no longer needed when using WebGrabber 2016 and above.

Probable Cause

There is an issue with a third-party component of WebGrabber's Native Engine. This issue causes the difference in spacing at the top of the page from the first to subsequent pages.


Until this issue is addressed by the third-party, please use the following workaround in the input HTML.

<body style="margin-top:-4px;">
<h2>Test 1</h2>
<p style='page-break-before:always' />
<h2>Test 2</h2>
<p style='page-break-before:always' />