Here are some short topics that answer WebGrabber conversion issues customers have had in the past.

During conversion, in the COM environment: a -12 error is displayed. In . NET "Error with ConvertToPDF" is displayed.

WebGrabber Release 2016 and above includes properties that allow you choices for handling text and character spacing. (Native Engine only.)

Performance, file size and other issues are seen when using Internet Explorer 9 for conversions with the IE Engine.

HeaderHTML and FooterHTML properties are ignored. 

When converting HTML to PDF using WebGrabber 2013, the first page of the output PDF has a larger amount of space before the first line of text than do subsequent pages.

CSS is ignored when performing a conversion via remote connection.

Releases of ActivePDF Webgrabber  2013 and above support remote submissions, allowing you to submit URLs or HTML files to your application's server from a remote location.

WebGrabber does not recognized newly installed custom fonts.

Asian characters do not convert properly with WebGrabber.

The web service response time is taking over 20 seconds regardless of the size of the HTML page.

ActivePDF Webgrabber 2009 and ActivePDF WebGrabber WBE do not currently support Web fonts.

FusionCharts use JavaScript to embed Flash for the creation of interactive charts. Although ActivePDF WebGrabber currently supports Flash, WebGrabber does not support FusionCharts.

WebGrabber does not currently offer an option to create a first page header or footer different from those on other pages.

By default, WebGrabber converts pages as they would be printed. However, some CSS is set for the Screen only, rather than for the Printer.

This article discusses the WebGrabber FitToPage property and provides details on its effects on the output PDF.

Some special characters, including Polish characters, are not preserved during HTML conversions.

WebGrabber may split table rows across two pages, occasionally resulting in a single line of text being split horizontally.

With the release of WebGrabber 2009 R1.1, page caching and cookie controls have been introduced to provide you with even more control over how input web pages are handled and improve overall conversion performance.

After using WebGrabber WBE to convert a file to PDF, and then using Toolkit to add headers to each page in the file, the header on the first page of the resulting PDF appears upside down.