Toolkit Return Results and Error Codes

Most return results for Toolkit are specific for each property or method.

See the entry for the property or method in the Toolkit API Reference Manual for specific information about return values for a property or method.

In general, here some possible return values and descriptions of their error codes.

-999 = Output file is not open.

-998 and -997 = Toolkit is not registered or the evaluation period has expired.

-1 = Unable to open input file.

For other error codes, see the return value for the specific property or method in the Toolkit API Reference Manual.

To get extended error descriptions, you can use these Toolkit properties:




See Troubleshooting with ExtendedError Properties in the Toolkit API manual for a complete example.

Note: To get Windows API error information, call the Microsoft Windows API function, GetLastError:

Then check the appropriate error code list: