To resolve the Windows Script Host error message such as: ActiveX component can't create object: APToolkit.Object.

Most return results for Toolkit are specific for each property or method.

Answers to questions about PDF file sizes.

Toolkit attempted to read or write protected memory.

After using AddLogo and then calling CopyForm, fonts in the the output PDF are garbled or overwritten.

Error -8 (Invalid signature number) is returned on a signing method.

The Toolkit OpenInputFile method returns an error of -1.

The error, "Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. Access is denied to this object." occurs.

The ActivePDF Toolkit portion of the Support Tools log provides information about the ActivePDF Toolkit COM object installed on your system, as well as operation test results.

Resolutions for unable to load DLL errors. The exception might also appear as Filename.DLL is not found. In most cases, the exception does not occur until the application using Toolkit is moved to a new machine, or the .NET application was developed with the Evaluation or Developer Edition of Toolkit, and is now running under the Production Edition.

 A -10147 return code is received, indicating that the requested job has failed to find an agent (available application) to perform the operation.