Toolkit 8.1.0 release (Build includes bug fixes and updates to the code base for improved performance.

This Toolkit 2018 R1.0 release (Build 2018.1.0.18321) includes bug fixes and several new features.

This Toolkit 2017 R1.2 release (Build 2017.1.2.18242) includes bug fixes.

This Toolkit 2017 R1.1 release (Build 2017.1.1.18186) includes bug fixes.

This is the initial release for Toolkit 2017 (R1.0, Build 2017.1.0.18110). This release includes a bug fix and several new features.

This Toolkit 2016 R2.2 release (Build 2016.2.2.18030) includes bug fixes.

This Toolkit 2016 R2.1 release (Build 2016.2.1.17349) includes bug fixes and enhancements.

This Toolkit 2016 R2.0 release (Build 2016.2.0.17264) includes updates to the code for the InitialViewInfo class, in addition to the bug fixes and new features included in Build 2016.2.0.17246.
Note: This is the second release for Toolkit 2016 R2.0, and replaces Build 2016.2.0.17246.

This Toolkit 2016 R1.4 release (Build 2016.1.4.17202) includes bug fixes.

This Toolkit 2016 R1.3 release (Build 2016.1.3.17145) includes bug fixes and an enhancement.
The bug fixes from the two interim releases are also included.

This software release for ActivePDF Toolkit 2016 R1.1 (Build 2016.1.1.17041) includes bug fixes.

Build 2016.1.0.16340



R5 Build

2011 R4.3

2011 R4.2  Build

Toolkit 2011 R4.1

Toolkit 2011 R4