Toolkit 64-bit Installation Issue

Issues with instantiation or other similar problems may be seen when attempting to access Toolkit within a 64-bit application.

Probable Cause

An example of this behavior is observed when running a simple vbscript (such as our basic Toolkit samples) on a 64bit machine. Typically, an error occurs stating that "wscript was unable to find/instantiate the "APToolkit.Object" COM object."  In this case, wscript is running as a 64-bit application, and is unable to find Toolkit's 32-bit COM object.

Although Toolkit can be installed on a 64-bit machine, it cannot be accessed or run from inside a 64-bit application. Instead Toolkit must be run inside a 32-bit application, which can be running on a 64-bit machine.


To run a 32-bit vbs, install the 32-bit version of wscript (located in the [WINDOWS]\SysWow64 directory). In addition, ensure that any application you are using with Toolkit is running as a 32-bit application.