Support Tools (2011 and Earlier) Reports Evaluation Expired or No License Found on Production System (Device Mismatch)

ActivePDF Support Tools displays the message Evaluation Expired or No License Found on Production System (Device Mismatch), though a valid license has been installed.

Probable Cause

A change has been made to the system on which the ActivePDF product is run that has caused the calculated Machine ID to have changed. As all ActivePDF licenses are registered using a specific Machine ID, the system's Machine ID must match the license for the product to run properly.


This issue can be resolved by simply re-activating the product license(s).

To re-activate the license:

  1. Launch the ActivePDF License Manager utility by clicking Start, pointing to All Programs> ActivePDF License Manager>ActivePDF License Manager.
  2. Select the product activation key displaying a Device Mismatch state.
  3. From the menu bar, select Activation and click Re-activate.

    Note: License Manager may require several seconds to complete requested action.

  4. Repeat steps starting with Step #2 until all licenses displaying Device Mismatch status have been re-activated.