Toolkit 8.1.0 release (Build includes bug fixes and updates to the code base for improved performance.

This Toolkit 2018 R1.0 release (Build 2018.1.0.18321) includes bug fixes and several new features.

This Toolkit 2017 R1.2 release (Build 2017.1.2.18242) includes bug fixes.

This Toolkit 2017 R1.1 release (Build 2017.1.1.18186) includes bug fixes.

This is the initial release for Toolkit 2017 (R1.0, Build 2017.1.0.18110). This release includes a bug fix and several new features.

This Toolkit 2016 R2.2 release (Build 2016.2.2.18030) includes bug fixes.

This Toolkit 2016 R2.1 release (Build 2016.2.1.17349) includes bug fixes and enhancements.

This Toolkit 2016 R2.0 release (Build 2016.2.0.17264) includes updates to the code for the InitialViewInfo class, in addition to the bug fixes and new features included in Build 2016.2.0.17246.
Note: This is the second release for Toolkit 2016 R2.0, and replaces Build 2016.2.0.17246.

This Toolkit 2016 R1.4 release (Build 2016.1.4.17202) includes bug fixes.

This Toolkit 2016 R1.3 release (Build 2016.1.3.17145) includes bug fixes and an enhancement.
The bug fixes from the two interim releases are also included.

This software release for ActivePDF Toolkit 2016 R1.1 (Build 2016.1.1.17041) includes bug fixes.

Build 2016.1.0.16340



R5 Build

2011 R4.3

2011 R4.2  Build

Toolkit 2011 R4.1

Toolkit 2011 R4

To resolve the Windows Script Host error message such as: ActiveX component can't create object: APToolkit.Object.

Information for installing licenses and extension keys.

Metadata is information that describes and helps to categorize a document. Adding good metadata is crucial for efficient document search and distribution.

To install or upgrade your ActivePDF product, see the Quick Start Guide, User Guide, or Developer Guide for your product.

Most return results for Toolkit are specific for each property or method.

Here are some short topics that answer conversion issues customers have had in the past.

End User Defined Characters (EUDC) are custom glyphs created by users. Their codes are stored in the Private Use Area available in Unicode or in double-byte character sets.

If an "Invalid Serial Number" error message displays when you are attempting to install your ActivePDF product, please contact Customer Service.

Answers to questions about PDF file sizes.

Page coordinates for bookmark links need to be specified correctly, and special consideration taken if the the page has been rotated.

About embedding custom fonts used in form fields

ActivePDF supports these PDF versions, PDF/A formats, and security encryptions. Listed by product.

Link to online ActivePDF License Manager 2013 documentation.

On occasion, customers contact us to ask whether they have activated and/or deactivated their product licenses.

If you are creating an account to access product downloads and serial numbers, your user name must match the user name on the customer account for that product order. For more information, contact

After the ActivePDF evaluation periods expires, the product is no longer usable. If you wish to continue using the product you can purchase a production license or request an extension of the evaluation period from

Cannot insert HTML-format text into a PDF form field.

Is Toolkit 100% .NET-managed native code?

Both the OnBlurScript and OnFocusScript properties (used with the FieldInfo object) will set or retrieve a script to execute, but they use different triggers.

Toolkit attempted to read or write protected memory.

In Toolkit SubsetFonts is set to true by default. To fully embed a font, set SubsetFonts to False.
After SubsetFonts is set to false, fonts are embedded in the output PDFs.

After using AddLogo and then calling CopyForm, fonts in the the output PDF are garbled or overwritten.

Issues with instantiation or other similar problems may be seen when attempting to access Toolkit within a 64-bit application.

A PDF generated using Toolkit's SetFont method has a blank first page.

This article provides the minimum system requirements that must be met to run Toolkit 2011 on a desktop system.

Lines included in the original PDF are not presented in stiched PDF output.

When certificates have strong protection enabled, a PDF cannot be signed.

This topic provides details regarding important changes to the way Toolkit 2011 R2 and later handle memory.

The text added to a PDF with Toolkit results in boxes in place of each character.

Error -8 (Invalid signature number) is returned on a signing method.

From time to time, you may need to stop, start and/or restart the services used by ActivePDF products.

The Toolkit OpenInputFile method returns an error of -1.

The error, "Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. Access is denied to this object." occurs.

Toolkit and RTF forms.

Follow these instructions to remove all files associated with ActivePDF Toolkit to prepare for a clean reinstallation. If you are using multiple products, you must uninstall all products, including License Manager, before reinstalling.

When working with an existing PDF containing a watermark, restrictions are placed on the output PDF, such as commenting and signing, though no additional security settings have been applied.

This article provides information about support for Windows operating systems.

If the system on which you are installing does not have Internet access, copy the appropriate installation and licensing files onto removable media (CD, DVD, thumb drive, etc.) using a system with Internet access.

When using Toolkit 4.5 in a Visual Basic environment on a Windows Server 2008 server, the application attempts to run in 64-bit mode though Toolkit is a 32-bit application.

After using WebGrabber WBE to convert a file to PDF, and then using Toolkit to add headers to each page in the file, the header on the first page of the resulting PDF appears upside down.

SetHeaderText or SetHeaderImage places text on the side of the PDF rather then the top or bottom.

ActivePDF Support Tools displays the message Evaluation Expired or No License Found on Production System (Device Mismatch), though a valid license has been installed.

An error similar to “Failed to obtain license: Invalid activation key format” is received when attempting to activate a product license, though the activation key/serial number has been entered exactly as it appears in the purchase email.

ActivePDF Toolkit does not have its own user context so it runs under the current user context, which is typically the logged in user.

The ActivePDF Toolkit portion of the Support Tools log provides information about the ActivePDF Toolkit COM object installed on your system, as well as operation test results.

Resolutions for unable to load DLL errors. The exception might also appear as Filename.DLL is not found. In most cases, the exception does not occur until the application using Toolkit is moved to a new machine, or the .NET application was developed with the Evaluation or Developer Edition of Toolkit, and is now running under the Production Edition.

 A -10147 return code is received, indicating that the requested job has failed to find an agent (available application) to perform the operation.