Answers to questions about PDF file sizes.

By default, the log files for current releases of ActivePDF DocConverter, WebGrabber, and Server reside in the ProgramData directory, under ActivePDF: 

Server is creating multiple printers.

Whenever a client attempts to run this basic PrintToPDF sample a -2 error is returned:

The Server Test Utility Fails with "PStoPDF failed" and  returns -10147.

After installing ActivePDF server, the Test Utility for testing you will see error -2, -5 or -503.

When an ActivePDF service or agent is run in Debug Mode, a log file is generated during the next conversion and maintains a log of all subsequent conversions.

The following list contains the return codes used by ActivePDF Server 2009 to indicate the success or failure of ActivePDF properties and methods, as well as their definitions.

 A -10147 return code is received, indicating that the requested job has failed to find an agent (available application) to perform the operation.