Server Release Notes 2009 R2

Server 2009 R2

This article contains the release notes for ActivePDF Server 2009 R2.

Note: This release is also known as SR4-R2.

Operating System Requirements

The following software is required for full use of Server 2009 R2.

  • Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2003 32- or 64-bit edition OR
  • Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2008 32- or 64-bit edition

Note: ActivePDF does not support running Server 2009 in a Remote Desktop, Terminal Services or Citrix environment.

Hardware Requirements

 The following are minimum hardware requirements for Server 2009 R2.

  • Pentium III 500-MHz or higher
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 75 MB of hard disk space (for application)


The following bugs have been addressed in this release of Server 2009:

Bug ID # Description
00001380 PCLToPDF produces a blank output file. A component of Server was updated.
00001400 MS Mincho font is too light in appearance. A component of Server was updated.
00001440 Using Server to convert a .PPTX file in MS Office 2010 resulted in the following error, "There was a problem reading this document (40)". A component of Server was updated.
00001445 WordToPDF conversion results in distorted output (64-bit only). A component of Server was updated.
00001446 A PCL file caused the conversion to crash. A component of Server was updated.
00001447 PDF/X conversion fails when the DocTitle is not set. For PDF/X or PDF/A conversions, Server now uses the name of the output PDF if the DocTitle has not been set.
00001448 Snapshot files do not convert via static printers. Server checks for and removes additional data other than the filename and extension and now prevents non-octal strings from being converted via octal transformations.
00001449 When converting files that have multiple page orientations, all pages use the same orientation as the first page. Updated drivers to handle multiple page orientations.
00001455 AddLinkedPDFBookmark method uses the entire PS string as the bookmark name. Modified the Server API to place title strings in hex format for use in the ASCII PDF mark.
00001458 Despite being given the same input, using the SaveConfiguration method in COM and .NET results in slightly different XML output files. Set NewUniqueID to a unique sting matching the format used with the .NET control.
00001465 ClearEmailAttachments is misspelled in the .NET library. The function was changed from ClearEmailsAttachments to ClearEmailAttachments in the .NET library.
00001466 Using AddEMailBinaryAttachment in .NET results in an exception error and failure to send the email. Modified the COM service to close attachement streams after sending the email message.
00001467 SetGrayDownsampleThreshold is misnamed in .NET and COM objects. This method was renamed to SetGrayImageDownsampleThreshold to match the COM object equivalent.
00001473 FullDocumentPath returns a string with double backslashes (\) in the path name when the OutputDirectory includes a trailing backslash. Modified OutputDirectory and DefaultQueue (.NET) to check for and remove any trailing backslashes from the path.
00001474 The ASCIIEncode property is ignored when using .NET. In addition, it also prevents the DebugMode property from being read. Modified Server to perform a bitwise OR instead of an AND comparison.


Deprecated Calls

The following calls have been deprecated and have been replaced by new properties:

Deprecated Call Replaced By
SetColorDownsampleThreshold ColorImageDownsampleThreshold
SetGrayImageDownsampleThreshold GrayImageDownsampleThreshold
SetMonoDownsampleThreshold MonoImageDownsampleThreshold