The software release for ActivePDF Server 8.1.0 (Build includes general updates to the code base for improved performance.

This software release for ActivePDF Server 2013 R4.1 (Build 2013.4.1.18206) includes bug fixes.

This software release for ActivePDF Server 2013 R4.0 (Build 2013.4.0.18058) includes a bug fix and enhancements.

This software release for ActivePDF Server 2013 R3.1 (Build 2013.3.1.17280) includes bug fixes and enhancements.

This software release for ActivePDF Server 2013 R3.0 (Build 2013.3.0.17067) includes bug fixes and enhancements.

Build 2013.2.0.15351

Server 2013 R1.1 Build 2013.1.1.15090

Server 2013 Build 2013.0.1.14051

Server 2009 R2

Information for installing licenses and extension keys.

To install or upgrade your ActivePDF product, see the Quick Start Guide, User Guide, or Developer Guide for your product.

If an "Invalid Serial Number" error message displays when you are attempting to install your ActivePDF product, please contact Customer Service.

In earlier releases, the default port number for COM was 90 or 58585. The default is now Port 52525.

Answers to questions about PDF file sizes.

If you are converting a PostScript® file that contains dimensions for a page size other than letter size, edit the PostScriptProfiles.xml file to enable non-standard page sizes.

ActivePDF supports these PDF versions, PDF/A formats, and security encryptions. Listed by product.

Link to online ActivePDF License Manager 2013 documentation.

On occasion, customers contact us to ask whether they have activated and/or deactivated their product licenses.

If you are creating an account to access product downloads and serial numbers, your user name must match the user name on the customer account for that product order. For more information, contact

After the ActivePDF evaluation periods expires, the product is no longer usable. If you wish to continue using the product you can purchase a production license or request an extension of the evaluation period from

By default, the log files for current releases of ActivePDF DocConverter, WebGrabber, and Server reside in the ProgramData directory, under ActivePDF: 

Example error messages:
Msg-----Printer Not Found: DocConverter!
Msg-----AddPrinter Failed(Printer=DocConverter): 1796

With ActivePDF Server 2013 you have the option of where to locate the output directory. The output directory can reside outside the ActivePDF Server.

Server is creating multiple printers.

Whenever a client attempts to run this basic PrintToPDF sample a -2 error is returned:

Steps to perform a clean re-installation.

Converting a Microsoft Word Document with Arial fonts results in an output PDF with Helvetica fonts.

The Server Test Utility Fails with "PStoPDF failed" and  returns -10147.

When using WebGrabber 2013 and above under heavy use in certain environments and converting some URLs, WebGrabber may appear to time out or fail, or you may be advised of a threat/intrusion detected.

When using Server 2009, splwow64.exe crashes when running a conversion, and/or the output PDF is a blank page.

After installing Server, the Test Utility gives Error -203.

After reinstalling Server, the Test Utility gives Error -2.

From time to time, you may need to stop, start and/or restart the services used by ActivePDF products.

After installing ActivePDF server, the Test Utility for testing you will see error -2, -5 or -503.

This article provides guidance to Server users with regards to remote access environments.

This article provides information about support for Windows operating systems.

If the system on which you are installing does not have Internet access, copy the appropriate installation and licensing files onto removable media (CD, DVD, thumb drive, etc.) using a system with Internet access.

When an ActivePDF service or agent is run in Debug Mode, a log file is generated during the next conversion and maintains a log of all subsequent conversions.

With Server - DocConverter - WebGrabber - Printer it is possible to make PDF files convert/create in Black & White rather than color.

The following list contains the return codes used by ActivePDF Server 2009 to indicate the success or failure of ActivePDF properties and methods, as well as their definitions.

ActivePDF Support Tools displays the message Evaluation Expired or No License Found on Production System (Device Mismatch), though a valid license has been installed.

An error similar to “Failed to obtain license: Invalid activation key format” is received when attempting to activate a product license, though the activation key/serial number has been entered exactly as it appears in the purchase email.

Version 3.5.2: Characters that appear in the input file are displayed incorrectly, have been replaced by different characters, or are missing in the output PDF.

This example demonstrates Server's PSToPDF method, which converts a PostScript® file to PDF.

 A -10147 return code is received, indicating that the requested job has failed to find an agent (available application) to perform the operation.