Installing and Activating Products on Systems without Internet Access

If the system on which you are installing does not have Internet access, copy the appropriate installation and licensing files onto removable media (CD, DVD, thumb drive, etc.) using a system with Internet access.

Before you begin, have the following ready:

  • a system with access to the Internet for downloading installation and licensing files
  • removable media (CD, DVD, thumb drive, etc.)
  • the email from ActivePDF, which contains your serial number and download links to the product you purchased.

Note: Print the email if you will not have access to it from the system where you plan to install the ActivePDF product(s).

To install a product and manually enter an Activation Key from a system without Internet access

  1. From a machine with internet access, download the product software by following the link provided in the email sent to you upon purchasing the product(s).
  2. Download the License Manager v2010 from
  3. Copy the product installation and license manager .exe files onto removable media (CD, DVD, thumb drive, etc.).
  4. On the system where you wish to install the product (target system), and log on as the Administrator.

    Note: Administrative rights are required. In addition, some products, such as ActivePDF Server require running under the Local System account. If you need assistance with Administrative rights, or with running under the Local System account, please contact your organization's system administrator.

  5. Copy the product installation and license manager .exe files from the removable media onto the desktop of the target system.
  6. On the target system, double-click the product installation .exe file and follow the onscreen prompts to install the software files.
  7. When prompted to download the ActivePDF License Manager, clear the option, and then click Next.
  8. When installation is complete, double-click APLMINST.EXE on the desktop.
  9. Follow the prompts to complete the License Manager installation, accepting the default setting to Launch the License Manager.

    The License Manager opens.

  10. Click Add License.

    The Add License window appears.

  11. Enter your 25-character product serial number found in the email you received from ActivePDF, and then click Next.

    The Product Activation window appears.

  12. Click the icon next to Telephone activation or Email activation and follow the on-screen prompts to submit an Activation request.

    NOTE: For additional information, see the ActivePDF License Manager 2010 Online Help.

  13. Enter the Activation Key provided via telephone or email.
  14. Click Next to complete license activation.