Performance Analysis

How to evaluate DocConverter's performance and identify ways improve software performance.

Though the ActivePDF DocConverter software has been designed to perform well under stress to meet typical performance needs, in some situations performance can be further enhanced through changes to system and application settings.

There are a number of ways to evaluate software performance, which can quickly turn performance analysis into a lengthy process. As such, this article will focus on four key performance analysis goals to simplify the process:

  • Gather the measurements necessary to determine if the conversion process is meeting the performance requirements of the business solution.
  • Establish baseline performance statistics to evaluate the effect of changes to application and system configurations.
  • Outline the system and application changes that can impact performance.
  • Provide a simplified approach to obtaining a brief overview of current performance, to quickly identify opportunities for performance improvements and direct further research.

For the purposes of this article, DocConverter performance is measured by evaluating the time required to perform simple conversions of common file types to PDF using the Submit method. Though the download file for this article includes example script for conversions using watched folders, the following detailed discussion is only applicable to manual file submissions, and the extra script is included for comparison purposes.

The VBScript code necessary to perform each conversion described in this article and capture performance information can be obtained by clicking the Download link below. The code details for the included DCCnvtFile example application (various file types to PDF conversions) can also be found below.< /p>

Please note that the code sample is not intended to be used "as is" and should be modified to better represent the target application and the typical characteristics of files being converted (type, size, complexity, etc.) during production. Refer to the Running the Code Samples section below for details on variables that should be configured before performing the tests.