CADConverter Result Codes

Descriptions for result return codes.




Success0The corresponding call was successfully executed.
ProductError-1A product specific error has occured.
FileNotFound-2The file was not found.
OldFileFound-3The file exists, but is older than the expected conversion time.
DirectoryNotFound-4A directory could not be found.
ValueOutofRange-5The specified value was not found in a collection.
CannotOverwriteExisting-6The desired output file exists, but current settings do not allow the file to be overwritten.
UnableToMoveFile-7A file could not be moved/copied to the desired location.
CreateDirectoryFailed-8An attempt to create a directory failed.
UnableToAccessFile-9Unable to access the desired file.
InvalidParameter-10An invalid value/object was passed to a function.
NullParameter-11A null argument was passed to a function.
Exception-12An exception occurred outside any specific functionality.
CallNotSupported-13The current call is not supported in the executing context.
FailedPerSettings-14The current call failed due to an implicit setting.
ServiceAlreadyRunning-15The service engine is already running.
ServiceNotRunning-16The service engine is not running.
SettingsUpToDate-20The settings are already current and require no updates.
SettingsUpdated-21The settings were updated from a 'stale' condition.
UnableToAccessSettingsFile-22The settings file could not be accessed.
HttpPostFailed-30An attempt to Post data via Http failed.
HttpUnlockFailed-31An attempt to unlock the Http library failed.
NotInitialized-60A plugin, or initializable instance, was not properly initialized before being called.
PluginAssemblyInvalid-61The plugin assembly is not valid for hosting.
PluginTypeMismatch-62The plugin assembly/type do not match the values exported.
EndpointNotAdded-70An attempt to add an endpoint failed.
EndpointNotFound-71The target endpoint was not found.
WCFCommunicationException-72Unhandled WCF communication exception was encountered.
UnableToAccessSemaphore-95Unable to access critical section protected by a semaphore.
Timeout-99Request timed out.
JobDataNotFound-100JobData for the conversion was not present in the input stream.
UnableToDecodeJobData-101JobData could not be decoded.
PrintedToPostScriptFile-102The print job was saved to PostScript.
ConversionEngineInitializationFailed-103The PostScript conversion engine failed to initialize.
ConversionApplicationException-104The conversion application threw an exception.
UnknownConversionCommand-105The conversion application received an unknown command.
RunStringEndFailed-106Call to GhostScript RunStringEnd failed. Check log for more details.
OpenInputFileFailed-1100A call to OpenInputFile failed.
OpenOutputFileFailed-1101A call to OpenOutputFile failed.
CopyFormFailed-1102A call to CopyForm failed.
LinearizeFailed-1103A call to LinearizeFile failed.
InvisiblySignFileFailed-1104A call to InvisiblySignFile failed.
ImageToPDFFailed-1105A call to ImageToPDF failed.
SaveMemoryToDiskFailed-1106A call to SaveMemoryToDisk failed.
FindCertificateFailed-1107A call to FindCertificate failed.
MergeFileFailed-1108A call to MergeFile failed.
StampPDFFailed-1109Attempt to add stamps to the PDF failed.
NotLicensed-998The product is not licensed.
DefaultConverterDisabled-2000The converter associated with the request is currently disabled.
ConverterNotFound-2001The converter associated with the request was not found in the system.
InvalidConversionType-2002The converter associated with the request does not support the desired conversion type.
ConverterFileOpenFailed-2003The converter associated with the request could not open the file.
ConverterFileCloseFailed-2004The converter associated with the request failed to close the file.
InputToBeDeleted-2005The input file will be deleted according to the settings.
InputFileEmpty-2006The input file is empty.
ConversionPacketEmpty-2007The provided packet is empty.
ConversionApplicationMissing-2008The conversion application is missing
ConverterErrorInPSToPDF-2009Converter error in PS to PDF conversion
ConversionInstanceFailedToStart-2050The conversion instance failed to start correctly.
ConversionInstanceAlreadyRunning-2051The conversion instance is already running, and cannot be started.
NoConversionStub-2052There is not conversion instance stub available.
ConverterSoftwareRequirements-2053The converter failed to validate/verify all of its Software Requirements.
ConverterInstanceFailure-2054The converter reached a failure or instable state, will need to relaunch.
PostConversionPDFAFailure-2100Post-conversion PDF/A failed.
ArchiveExtractionFailure-2101Archive file extraction failed.
ArchiveConversionFailure-2102Archive file conversion failed.
ConversionFailed-2103Conversion failed
ConversionPrinterMissing-2104DocConverter Printer Missing
UploadFileFailed-2200Uploading of the file failed
DownloadFileFailed-2201Downloading of the file failed
CannotMoveInputToOriginals-2210Unable to move input file to originals
CannotMoveInputToErrors-2211Unable to move input file to errors
CannotCopyToOutput-2212Unable to move output file to correct location
InvalidInputFileExtension-2213Invalid input extensions for conversion