Resolutions for more commonly encountered error codes.

Here are some short topics that answer troubleshooting issues customers have had in the past.

Answers to questions about PDF file sizes.

Hatches are fills often used in CAD drawings to differentiate materials or areas, and provide perspective or emphasis.

Descriptions for result return codes.

By default, the log files for current releases of ActivePDF DocConverter, WebGrabber, and Server reside in the ProgramData directory, under ActivePDF: 

Example error messages:
Msg-----Printer Not Found: DocConverter!
Msg-----AddPrinter Failed(Printer=DocConverter): 1796

The message filter indicates that the application is busy.

Starting the DC Host service results in a timeout. No ActivePDF log files are created or written to during the attempt.

The message filter indicates that the application is busy.

On occasion, you may be directed by Technical Support staff to turn on Verbose Logging so as to gather more detailed information on errors and issues encountered with ActivePDF products.

When configuring Watch Folders in the ActivePDF Common User Interface (CUI), selecting the Personal hot folders option for How to Handle Sub Directories results in the error, "Invalid value for HowToHandleSubDirectories[3]."

Excel files with workbook protection are failing due to an issue within Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010.

If you are converting large files, or otherwise experiencing timeout errors with DocConverter, consider increasing the timeout value in the CUI.

While attempting to select the DocConverter tab from the ActivePDF Administrative Console, one of the following errors is displayed.

When an ActivePDF service or agent is run in Debug Mode, a log file is generated during the next conversion and maintains a log of all subsequent conversions.

How to evaluate DocConverter's performance and identify ways improve software performance.