DocConverter 2015 R3 Interim Build Release Notes

This interim software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R3.0 (Build 2015.3.0.17210) includes a bug fix and a new feature.

This is an interim build of DocConverter. As such, it has not completed all of ActivePDF's stringent testing for quality assurance. This build is provided on an "as is" basis, and ActivePDF does not provide any warranties for the suitability or usability of the software.

New Feature

For PDF input file processing, users can choose an alternative processor when applying PDF settings. Contact Customer Support for more information.

Key Bugs Fixed

ID Description Resolution

File specific: The EML files that began with end-of-line characters, or contained an empty email body caused an issue when extracting the attachment, and the conversion failed.

The code related to extraction was updated to pre-check for such issues, and the files now convert as expected.

Installation and Getting Started

Installation instructions and DocConverter UI information is available in the DocConverter Quick Start Guide:

API Reference

API information is available in the DocConverter API Reference Guide: