CADConverter Release Notes 2015 R3.1

This software release for ActivePDF CADConverter 2015 R3.1 (Build 2015.3.1.17294) includes new features and bug fixes.

Software Requirements

  • Windows Server® 2008 (32- or 64-bit edition) OR
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 OR
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0 (If it is not detected, it will be installed automatically)

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for CADConverter are:

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 150 MB of hard disk space (for application)


  • Additional hard disk space is needed to meet the requirements of any installed applications and the volume of files being processed.
  • ActivePDF does not officially support running CADConverter in a Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Terminal Services or Citrix® environment.

New Features

For more details, see the linked entries in the New Features page of the CADConverter API Reference Guide or the CADConverter Quick Start Guide.

  • The SetPDFSecurityAES method has a new parameter that allows you to select either 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption.
  • (API setting only) The new UseSecureConnection property allows you to use HTTPS for secure connections when working in the COM environment.
    Note: CADConverter's .NET connections use WCF, which is secure by default.
  • During PDF conversions, page objects and fonts are now compressed by default, resulting in output PDFs with smaller file sizes. Use the new SetPDFCompression method to turn this feature on or off.
  • (Configuration Manager setting only.) You can now set the Delayed Queue Timer to delay CADConverter's start time for processing an input file in a Watch Folder. This can be used when converting very large files, it allows time for the Microsoft OS to finish copying in a file to the Watch Folder.

Other Changes:

    • The default PDF version for output PDFs is now 1.5. In earlier release of CADConverter, the default PDF version for output PDFs was 1.4. You can use the CompatibilityLevel property to select other versions.
    • The default port for COM is now 52525. In earlier releases of CADConverter, the default port was 90 or 58585.

New Knowledgebase Article

How to Convert an External .dwg File Stored On a Mapped Network Drive

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were resolved since the last release.

ID # Description Resolution


File specific: This .dwg file took a long time to convert.

General updates to the code resolved this issue.

Installation and Getting Started

Installation instructions and CADConverter Configuration Manager information is available in the CADConverter Quick Start Guide:

API Reference

API information is available in the CADConverter API Reference Guide: