Settings Files Not Replaced by DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4 Installer

DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4 installer does not create a new settings file of supported signatures unless a clean installation is performed.

Probable Cause

DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4 does not overwrite the existing settings file for a previous installation.


If you are unable to perform a clean installation, perform one of the following procedures to replace the old DocConverter settings file with a new file containing supported signatures used for DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4 conversions. Pay close attention to the procedure you choose, as the first method ends with DocConverter installation and the second method begins with installation.

Method 1

This procedure is done prior to installing DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4.

  1. Create a backup copy of C:\Windows\ActivePDF\Settings\AP_DocConverter.xml to a safe location.
  2. Once the backup is created, delete the original AP_DocConverter.xml from C:\Windows\ActivePDF\Settings. NOTE: Do not delete the backup copy created in Step 1.
  3. Uninstall DocConverter 2010.
  4. Install DocConverter 2010 R4.

Method 2

This procedure is performed after installing DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4. Use this procedure if removing AP_DocConverter.xml and performing a clean installation is not an option for you.

  1. Install DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4.
  2. Create a backup copy of the settings folder, C:\Windows\ActivePDF\Settings\, to a safe location.
  3. From the Start menu, select All Programs > ActivePDF > ActivePDF User Interface.
  4. In the Navigation pane, select ActivePDF DocConverter.
  5. Select DocConverter Signatures.
  6. Double-click the Default signature in the list of signatures.
  7. Select the entire contents of the Signature Data field, and replace it with the following: .123;.csv;.dxf;.emf;.eml;.eps;.htm;.lwp;.msg;.odp;.ods;.odt;.ps;.sxw;.txt;.wb2;.xml
  8. Close the Default - DocConverter Signature window, and then click Yes to save changes.
  9. Close the User Interface.
  10. Restart the DocConverter service.