FAQ: ActivePDF DocConverter Back-Up Notice

Effective December 12, 2012 the default conversion engine in ActivePDF® DocConverter will be changed.

As a courtesy to all our customers and partners, we are providing advance notice of this change with the recommendation that each user download a back-up copy of the specific version of DocConverter being used in their installations. ActivePDF will no longer ship or supply DocConverter installers containing the older conversion engine after December 12, 2012.

Q: The DocConverter default conversion engine is changing effective December 12, 2012. Will my version of DocConverter continue to run after that date?

A. Yes. There will be no impact on the performance of existing installations of DocConverter or your application.

Q: What does this mean for my DocConverter installation?

A: We are recommending this backup so that you will still have access to the default converter should you encounter issues updating to the new conversion engine. Having a backup copy of your previous version of DocConverter to which you can revert will assure you continued conversion capabilities until the time you are able to successfully upgrade. To download a backup copy, simply access the downloads on ActivePDF https://store.activepdf.com/Downloads-Current_Versions before December 12, 2012 and download the installer for the specific DocConverter version running in your application. Having your own backup copy will give you a safety net if, for any reason, you need to re-install your previous version of DocConverter after December 12, 2012.

Q: What do I need to do?

A. Access the DocConverter downloads on ActivePDF at https://store.activepdf.com/Downloads-Current_Versions before December 12, 2012. Download the installer for the version of DocConverter used in your application and save it using your normal backup protocol. Your backup copy will be the only source of your specific version of DocConverter after December 12, 2012. In other words, you are responsible for maintaining a backup copy, as none will be available from ActivePDF.

Q: If I need DocConverter with the older conversion engine, can I get it if I Submit a Ticket?

A: No. ActivePDF will not ship or supply any version of DocConverter with the older conversion engine after December 12, 2012.

Q: Do I need a new license in order to use the new converter?

A: No. Your existing license will work with your licensed version of DocConverter, regardless of the conversion engine you're using.