DocConverter Services

The following services are required by DocConverter and are installed with the product:
  • Agent Service—Handles the tracking of the currently registered agents for use with subsequent requests. Most DocConverter services depend on this service.
  • Com Service—Determines the product required to process the job request. Depends on the Agent Service to determine which agent to use.
  • DC Host—Hosts the DocConverter agent for use via .NET remoting. Depends on the Agent Service to register for use.
  • DocConverter Enterprise—Provides automated scanning of Hot Folders for converions and hosts the API WCF for DocConverter calls via .NET. Depends on the DC Host service.
  • First Aid Host—Utilized by the Agent service to restart various ActivePDF services in the event of a catastrophic failure. Depends on the Agent Service to register.
  • NDN Bridge—Provides the messaging bridge for non-Dot Net API to access the .NET Only WCF services exposed. This service has no ActivePDF dependencies