Frequently Asked DocConverter Conversion Questions (FAQs)

Here are some short topics that answer conversion issues customers have had in the past.

1. Why does DocConverter time out instead of converting my .rar file?

DocConverter does not support .rar files.

When DocConverter encounters a .rar file, it first converts it to a PostScript file. This PostScript file may be very large (possibly many gigabytes, depending on the source file). The PostScript file may time out before it is converted. If it does, the .rar file is moved to the errors folder. If the PostScript file does not time out, and converts to a PDF file, the resulting PDF file is composed of binary text symbols, and is not usable.

To exclude .rar files (and .rar files whose extensions have been changed) from a Watch Folder, create a binary signature that identifies .rar files, and set up a filter using the signature. See the Signature Profiles topic in the Quick Start Guide for more information.

2. I've changed my .rar file's file extension to .DOC, but DocConverter still does not convert it.

If a .rar file's extension is renamed to .doc or .docx, the same issues remain. The file is still intrinsically a .rar file and DocConverter does not convert .rar files..

3. DocConverter does not convert my PDF file that includes a watermark to an Excel file.

DocConverter does not convert Excel files that include watermarks. Remove watermarks from Excel files before conversion.

4. I set up email notifications for my Watch Folder installed on a remote UNC path, but emails are not sent after conversions.

In order to run conversions with remote Watch Folders, the login information for the remote machine's local Admin user needs to be added to the Watch Folder's profile.

  1. In the DocConverter UI, go to the Watch Folder Profile screen.
  2. Select the Watch Folder to edit.
  3. In the Credentials dropdown menu for each folder, select Custom.
  4. In the fields that appear, fill in the Domain, Name, and Password for the remote local Admin account.

Once the Watch Folder is set up and working correctly, set up the email profile to use in the Email Profiles page.

Select the email profile in the Post Process Options tab in the Watch Folder Profiles page.

This should now generate an email when a conversion is successful.

5. In Configuration Manager, in the PDF Profiles page, Attach File is selected, but the text entered for Subject is not added to the output PDF.

The subject information is included; to view it: right click on the attachment icon.

6. When using Print to PDF, document metadata from the source file is not included in the output PDF.

To include metadata from the source document in the output PDF, use Export to PDF or add metadata using API scripting.

7. In Configuration Manager, if a new signature is added in Signature Profiles, it does not appear in the list of signatures in the Filter Profiles in the Default filter.

New signatures cannot be added to the default filter. To use a new signature, create an new filter profile, then select the new signature.

8. When DocConverter attempts to convert a Microsoft Works .wps document using the Word converter, a memory error is returned and the conversion fails.

Microsoft Office 2010 and above do not support Microsoft Works .wps files.

Use the Microsoft Office 2007 or LibreOffice converter.

9. When Watch Folders were configured to a mapped drive (for example, P:\ ) DocConverter does not recognize the address and files are not converted.

DocConverter does not recognize mapped drives when used in a file path. Use UNC paths.