The software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 8.1.0 ( includes general performance enhancements and new features.

This software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 5.0 (2015.5.0.18347) includes bug fixes. 

This software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R4.2 (2015.4.2.18221) includes bug fixes and new features.

This software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R4.1 (2015.4.1.18095) includes bug fixes.

This software release for ActivePDF CADConverter 2015 R4.0 (Build 2015.4.0.17294) includes new features and bug fixes.

This software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R4.0 (2015.4.0.18020) includes bug fixes and new features.

This software release for ActivePDF CADConverter 2015 R3.1 (Build 2015.3.1.17294) includes new features and bug fixes.

This software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R3.1 (2015.3.1.17294) includes bug fixes.

This interim software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R3.0 (Build 2015.3.0.17210) includes a bug fix and a new feature.

This software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R3.0  (2015.3.0.17179) includes new features and bug fixes.

This ActivePDF CADConverter release includes new features.

This software release for ActivePDF DocConverter 2015 R2.0  (2015.2.0.17047) includes new features and bug fixes.

This is the initial release of ActivePDF CADConverter (Build 2015.1.0.16230)

Build 2015.1.0.16230


Resolutions for more commonly encountered error codes.

Build 2014.1.1.15328

Build 2014.0.4.15255

Beta Release Build 2014.0.1.15148

2010 R4.3 Build

2010 R4.2 Release Notes Build

DocConverter 2010 R4.1 Release Notes Build

DocConverter  2010 R4 Build

Information for installing licenses and extension keys.

Here are some short topics that answer troubleshooting issues customers have had in the past.

Here are some short topics that answer conversion issues customers have had in the past.

To install or upgrade your ActivePDF product, see the Quick Start Guide, User Guide, or Developer Guide for your product.

There is a new custom converter setting in the Microsoft Word Converter to turn on and off updating linked images in Word documents.

(DocConverter 2015 R4.0 and higher.) If DocConverter does not convert EUDC correctly, you can enable EUDC in the DC_Service.xml file.

Instructions for creating a persistent mapped drive to use with CADConverter.

If an "Invalid Serial Number" error message displays when you are attempting to install your ActivePDF product, please contact Customer Service.

In earlier releases, the default port number for COM was 90 or 58585. The default is now Port 52525.

Answers to questions about PDF file sizes.

The Microsoft Word engine does not support OpenType CFF fonts. When you use Export for conversions, the Microsoft engine rasterizes any OpenType CFF fonts found in the text. Here are three options for this issue:

If you are converting a PostScript® file that contains dimensions for a page size other than letter size, edit the PostScriptProfiles.xml file to enable non-standard page sizes.

ActivePDF supports these PDF versions, PDF/A formats, and security encryptions. Listed by product.

The following image types are supported if you have the applications shown below installed on your server.

DocConverter supports the following document file types if you have the applications shown below installed on your server.

Hatches are fills often used in CAD drawings to differentiate materials or areas, and provide perspective or emphasis.

Descriptions for result return codes.

Link to online ActivePDF License Manager 2013 documentation.

On occasion, customers contact us to ask whether they have activated and/or deactivated their product licenses.

If you are creating an account to access product downloads and serial numbers, your user name must match the user name on the customer account for that product order. For more information, contact

After the ActivePDF evaluation periods expires, the product is no longer usable. If you wish to continue using the product you can purchase a production license or request an extension of the evaluation period from

By default, the log files for current releases of ActivePDF DocConverter, WebGrabber, and Server reside in the ProgramData directory, under ActivePDF: 

If your installation of DocConverter did not include LibreOffice, you can install it later.

You can move Watch Folders and their settings to another server.

When PDFs are placed in the Watch Folder, they are all converted to Microsoft® Word.

Example error messages:
Msg-----Printer Not Found: DocConverter!
Msg-----AddPrinter Failed(Printer=DocConverter): 1796

The message filter indicates that the application is busy.

Starting the DC Host service results in a timeout. No ActivePDF log files are created or written to during the attempt.

The message filter indicates that the application is busy.

The barcode is not using the installed fonts.

The user name is added when the ActivePDF P3 service is installed. Here are steps to change the user name if you need to later.

Intermittently, when converting a Microsoft Word document that contains linked images to PDF or PDF/A, the output PDF would be missing one or more images.

On occasion, you may be directed by Technical Support staff to turn on Verbose Logging so as to gather more detailed information on errors and issues encountered with ActivePDF products.

After conversion, the subdirectories within a Watch Folder's input folder are removed.

Files processed by the Libre Office Default Processor are randomly blank.

DocConverter uses Toolkit during PDF to PDF conversions. Should you need to perform a PDF to PDF conversion where the input PDF is simply copied, you can instruct DocConverter to bypass Toolkit with a simple INI file.

The message "You must use the Role Management Tool to install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5,"  appears when attempting to run the DocConverter R4.1 OEM Installer in a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment.

When configuring Watch Folders in the ActivePDF Common User Interface (CUI), selecting the Personal hot folders option for How to Handle Sub Directories results in the error, "Invalid value for HowToHandleSubDirectories[3]."

Conversion of Word and Powerpoint using PDFExport could result in a PDF/A error.

Excel files with workbook protection are failing due to an issue within Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010.

By default, DocConverter will convert Microsoft Office documents if Microsoft Office is installed in your machine. Otherwise, DocConverter uses LibreOffice to convert Microsoft Office files. 

DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4 installer does not create a new settings file of supported signatures unless a clean installation is performed.

Effective December 12, 2012 the default conversion engine in ActivePDF® DocConverter will be changed.

The following file formats can be converted by DocConverter Enterprise:

Use the following procedure to increase the resolution of images converted by DocConverter. 

If Microsoft Office is not available, you can manually set up your installation of DocConverter to run all conversions using the Default processor.

If you are converting large files, or otherwise experiencing timeout errors with DocConverter, consider increasing the timeout value in the CUI.

When Microsoft® Office conversions takes place, the output PDF file has garbled characters.

When a Microsoft® Word file is converted, the expected bookmarks are not present in the output PDF.

Macro warnings can cause Microsoft® Office conversions to hang in DocConverter.

When using the DocConverter watch folder capability, a file remains in the input folder without being moved or converted.

This article provides guidance to DocConverter and DocConverter Enterprise users with regards to remote access environments.

Converted Excel documents with A4 page size result in different dimensions than expected.

The following PDF Profile settings are not supported when using DocConverter’s PDFExport functionality.

This articles compares the PDFPrint and PDFExport calls.

From time to time, you may need to stop, start and/or restart the services used by ActivePDF products.

When DocConverter fails to convert files, you may need to change the DCOM permissions for specific applications.

Microsoft Excel conversions time out with PDFExport and PDFPrint.

When setting up hotfolders in DocConverter it is possible to set them up on a different server using UNC paths. However, there are some items that must be set up manually in order for these hotfolders to function.

DocConverter 2010 requires that certain assigned ports remain open and available to the software services in order to generate PDF output.

While attempting to select the DocConverter tab from the ActivePDF Administrative Console, one of the following errors is displayed.

This article provides information about support for Windows operating systems.

If the system on which you are installing does not have Internet access, copy the appropriate installation and licensing files onto removable media (CD, DVD, thumb drive, etc.) using a system with Internet access.

The following services are required by DocConverter and are installed with the product:

When an ActivePDF service or agent is run in Debug Mode, a log file is generated during the next conversion and maintains a log of all subsequent conversions.

How to evaluate DocConverter's performance and identify ways improve software performance.

With Server - DocConverter - WebGrabber - Printer it is possible to make PDF files convert/create in Black & White rather than color.

ActivePDF Support Tools displays the message Evaluation Expired or No License Found on Production System (Device Mismatch), though a valid license has been installed.

An error similar to “Failed to obtain license: Invalid activation key format” is received when attempting to activate a product license, though the activation key/serial number has been entered exactly as it appears in the purchase email.

Version 3.5.2: Characters that appear in the input file are displayed incorrectly, have been replaced by different characters, or are missing in the output PDF.

This article provides special configuration instructions to consider when using DocConverter WBE 2010 to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF and to convert PDFs to other formats from an ASP page.