Toolkit Known Bugs 2016 R2.0

NOTE: Even if a workaround exists, the bug may be fixed in a later release.

ID # Known Issue Workaround
11884 After using MergeFile with two PDFs that contain bookmarks, in the output PDF the bookmarks of one file are nested under the bookmarks of the other file, instead of displaying at the root level. No resolution at this time.
12427 When fonts associated with end-user-defined characters (EUDCs) are used in the source file, after using PrintText or SetFont, the text does not display in the output PDF. No resolution at this time.
12750 When the SetInputBookmark is used with AddBookmarks, and CopyForm is used to merge files, the bookmark links in the output PDF do not function. No resolution at this time.
12784 When using AddBookmarks and CopyForm(i,i) to copy the source file one page at a time, the output PDF contains duplicate bookmarks that do not function. If possible use CopyForm (0,0) and copy all pages in one process.
14711 When using AddBookmarks while using CopyForm(i,i) to copy the document page by page, the output PDF does not contain bookmarks. Use CopyForm(0,0) to copy the entire document at once.




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