Toolkit Known Bugs 2016 R1.1

NOTE: Even if a workaround exists, the bug may be fixed in a later release.

ID # Known Issue Workaround
2566 When BarWidthReduction is used to reduce the width of a barcode in the input file, the width of the barcode in the output PDF does not change. No resolution at this time.
When digitally signing a PDF containing compressed object streams, the output file is corrupt.


At this time, Toolkit does not support writing out compressed object streams with digital signatures.
2962 When StichPDF is used to stitch pages to a PDF with different-sized pages, the CPU run at 90%, and takes a very long time to finish.

Cause: The resource replacement code could be optimized when stitching different-sized pages. An enhancement request has been submitted for this.

No resolution for this file at this time.
3082 When using Barcode.Symbology with the values 125.126,127,128, no barcode is created in the output PDF. At this time, use alternate symbologies.
3249 When iteratively merging or form filling the same file from a sample application, Toolkit's memory appears to progressively accumulate. Cause: This is not a memory leak; over successive runs, the memory accumulates proportionately and then stabilizes. This is due to a best fit memory issue with .NET string marshaling and Toolkit's native code interface. An enhancement request has been submitted to improve the string marshaling behavior. No resolution for this application at this time.
4128 After a PDF with a logo was merged, the output PDF displays corrupt characters and returns an error "Cannot extract the embedded font". Cause: The PDF has Type 3 fonts which use XObject image resources that are not copied over. Set DisableFontCache = true.

When a compressed .tiff file is converted to PDF, the output file displays a error message.

When calling the TiffToPDF method, set the IgnoreCompression parameter to 1 (use the default compression of the TIFF format).
4620 After using AddLogo, the output file displays an error message when opened with Acrobat Version 8 or earlier. No resolution at this time.
4689 After calling ParseDataStream, in the output PDF, the data in fields is misaligned and extends outside the field. No resolution at this time.
11884 After using MergeFile with two PDFs that contain bookmarks, in the output PDF the bookmarks of one file are nested under the bookmarks of the other file, instead of displaying at the root level. No resolution at this time.
11885 When using an evaluation key for Toolkit, watermarks are not displayed on all pages. No resolution at this time.
12427 When fonts associated with end-user-defined characters (EUDCs) are used in the source file, after using PrintText or SetFont, the text does not display in the output PDF. No resolution at this time.
12475 When using PrintImage to add .WMF images to a PDF, the images in the output PDF do not display as expected. Convert the .WMF image to .PNG or .JPG before using Toolkit.
12750 When the SetInputBookmark is used with AddBookmarks, and CopyForm is used to merge files, the bookmark links in the output PDF do not function. No resolution at this time.
12784 When using AddBookmarks and CopyForm(i,i) to copy the source file one page at a time, the output PDF contains duplicate bookmarks that do not function. If possible use CopyForm (0,0) and copy all pages in one process.
13039 After calling MergeFile, the output PDF uses different font in the signature field. No resolution at this time.

When a PDF contains a signature, and MergeFile is used, the output file contains the signature image.

No resolution at this time.



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