Server Known Bugs 2013 R3.0


NOTE: Even if a workaround exists, the bug may be fixed in a later release.

Bug Known Issue Workaround
File specific: When the PCL file is converted, the output PDF does not display as expected. No resolution at this time.
VBScript: Japanese OS: When using ConvertImageToPDF and ConvertPSToPDF with a file path that has Japanese characters, the conversion fails. Use ASCII characters in folder names.
4521 File specific: When the PostScript file with layers is converted, the layers are not preserved in the output PDF. No resolution at this time.
4575 File specific: When this PCL file is converted, the output PDF is missing some content. No resolution at this time.
4654 When SetInfo is used to include Author and Keyword metadata and a comma is included in the information, double quotes are added to the Author and Keyword metadata in the output PDF. No resolution at this time.
4714 COM, Japanese characters only: When ConvertImageToPDF and ConvertPSToPDF are used with filepaths that contain Japanese characters, Server is unable to use the filepaths, and the conversion fails. No resolution at this time.
10028 File specific: This .DOCX file (which contains tables that use dotted lines for line styles) takes three minutes to convert. Change the lines styles for the tables from dotted to solid lines.
12179 File specific: The source file uses non-embedded font and contains web addresses without a proceeding http: prefix. Some readers will automatically convert this format into hyperlinks. But when this file is converted, the reader is not able to convert the web addresses to hyperlinks. In the source text, include the full web address, including the http:// prefix.
12593 When an A4-sized (8.27 x 11.69 inches) TIFF is converted, the image in the output file is not properly scaled, and the page size is 23 by 32.5 inches. No resolution at this time.
13251 When a cell in an Excel file contains both single- and double-byte characters, the cell in the output PDF file has incorrect character spacing. No resolution at this time.