Meridian Known Bugs 2010 R5.4

Known Bugs

Note: Even if a workaround exists, the bug may still be fixed in a later release.

Bug Known Issue Workaround
1324 When Meridian converts a PostScript file containing pattern fills to PDF, the output does not retain the fidelity of the original pattern. There is no workaround available at this time.
4422 When a new printing profile is created, and the Print Quality and True Type option settings are changed, Meridian ignores the new settings when creating a PDF. The TrueType settings are being applied; however, the Printer properties UI is not retaining the change. The workaround is to continue setting the properties as desired; the UI bug will be revisited in a future release.
4423 When a client machine running Windows XP or Windows 8 does not have the Visual Studio 2008 C++ Redistribution or a .NET package installed, the client's connection to the Meridian printer cannot be completed. You can update client machines from the server:
  1. In the server machine, go to:
    [WINDOWS]\ActivePDF\Drivers\APRClient\Upgrade folder
  2. Select the upgrade version of the APRClient.exe file.
  3. Copy the APRClient.exe file to the desktop of each client.
  4. Run the update file.
  5. Delete the APRClient.ex file.