Webinar: PDF and Metadata

In this exclusive ActivePDF webinar, Product Manager Aaron Schnarr guides us through an extensive (and entertaining) presentation on how to include intelligence into PDF documents using Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP). After a quick overview of traditional Metadata and XMP Metadata, your webinar host shares how to use ActivePDF Toolkit to accomplish the task of document discovery using XMP. Also, a look at how PDF 2.0 will affect XMP Metadata in the future. This webinar originally aired on March 8, 2017.

Webinar: What's Next in PDF?

What does PDF 2.0 mean for you? In this ActivePDF exclusive webinar video, Product Manager Aaron Schnarr explains what PDF 2.0 is and when it will happen. Aaron also dives into a few of the exciting features that PDF 2.0 is introducing, including Associated Files, Unencrypted Wrappers, and Geospatial Support. This webinar was originally aired on January 11, 2017.

Hey Teemu Selanne! Golf Clubs Do NOT Work in Hockey... Ask ActivePDF!

ActivePDF offers a complete suite of PDF tools, helping enterprise businesses manage their workflow with ease, speed and accuracy. In this entertaining video, ActivePDF teams up with hockey legend Teemu Selanne, PGA TOUR winner Charley Hoffman, PGA TOUR Champions winner Scott McCarron and professional race car driver Will Rogers to show the importance of using the proper tools!

CADConverter - Transform CAD files to PDF

CADConverter by ActivePDF automates conversion of DWG, DXF and DGN files to PDF. Find out why CADConverter is the premier tool used by hundreds of engineers, designers and developers worldwide.

Xtractor - PDF Text and Image Extraction

Automated High Volume Batch Extraction

Xtractor is a versatile server-based tool for finding and extracting text and images from PDF
files. A whole variety of PDF content suddenly becomes available such as addresses, invoice and
report data.

ActivePDF Company Overview

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