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How PDF Tools are Digitalizing the Healthcare Industry

Industries throughout the world are reaping the benefits of digital transformation. The urgent push to go digital is particularly seen throughout the healthcare industry. With stringent mandates to adhere to regulatory and HIPPA compliance, medical professionals from administrators to practitioners rely heavily on digital technology to perform their jobs in an effecient and timely manner.

One of the goals at ActivePDF is to simplify the digital transformation of antiquated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems by offering industry standard PDF tools that dramatically improve and streamline document management. The ability to create, convert, modify and view PDF documents in high volume and with ease of retrieval, offers a more efficient alternative to the manual documentation processes that is surprisingly still in use by many healthcare practices today.

While most manual EMR systems can be clumsy and time consuming, the AcitvePDF suite of development tools enhances already implemented applications with document management, retrieval, and archiving capabilities. Ease-of-use and a secure storage system are just a few reasons why over 88% of ActivePDF clients retain use of the ActivePDF product suite.

Top reasons why healthcare organizations implement the ActivePDF suite*:
1.    Reliability and Accuracy
2.    Functionality and Efficiency
3.    HIPAA and State Healthcare Compliant
4.    Value/Cost Effective
5.    Secure
6.    Time Saving

For more than 16 years, progressive healthcare professionals throughout the country have relied on ActivePDF products such as Toolkit, Portal and DocConverter to assist in modifying, managing and maintaining sensitive documents using secure, feature-rich PDF functionality. What's more, the added benefit of mobile high-fidelity viewing has now become less of a convenience and more of a necessity, especially as medical professionals share information over an ever-increasing network.

Building patients’ confidence & loyalty
Google and other search engines make it easy for people to perform detailed online research before choosing a healthcare provider. Online research allows patients to learn about physician’s experience and expertise, as well as how they do business. This includes how the healthcare organization handles documentation and what type of secure EMR is in place. Storing and sharing vital patient data in a secure and confidential environment builds patients’ confidence and loyalty.

Creating efficient, secure and compliant EMR systems
Here are just a few features ActivePDF products offer healthcare professionals:

  • High-quality, scalable viewing and output
  • Automated report generation
  • High fidelity viewing from anywhere and on any mobile device
  • Record retention and archiving
  • Create and manage new hire forms based on compliance needs, enrollment forms, drug tests, background checks, etc.
  • Track employee hours and expenses through paperless timecards, receipts, Stamp ID, etc.
  • Scale and create e-billing quickly and easily (eliminating third-party billing) 
  • Convert HTML to PDF (such as insurance policies, applications, web content, etc.)
  • Create easily accessible and sharable policy and procedure documents
  • Load required compliance forms directly from State Health Departments
  • Track projects through each stage and entire lifecycles
For Medical IT professionals implementing PDF functionalities, ActivePDF tools offer a low-maintenance option from start to finish, while decreasing the possibility of human error.

How ActivePDF offers solutions to Medical IT challenges:

  • Easy integration into existing applications and platforms 
  • Aligns with the healthcare organization’s needs, budget and goals
  • Offers advanced tools for end-users from medical assistants to health insurance representatives
  • Provides archival tracking and digital signature functionality
  • Encryption and Password Protection for security and HIPAA compliance needs
  • Simplifies the complexity of EMR
  • Works within a national network

Improve and empower medical care with ActivePDF
As medical advancements continue to change the way we live and work, so too should the way healthcare organizations operate and handle EMR data. ActivePDF is committed to creating digital tools to assist in the success of healthcare organizations by complementing the work of medical providers and their overall day-to-day operations.

If you would like to know more about how ActivePDF can help digitalize your old EMR system, call our service representative at 866-468-6733. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Posted: 9/6/2016
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