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Collaborative Strategies in a PDF Environment

Businesses today must make every effort to work seamlessly alongside external organizations, ECMs and third parties, or risk falling behind their more collectively-minded competitors. In this blog, we take a look into collaborative strategies and technologies as they apply to automated PDF workflows. We’ll also discover what opportunities exist for organizations seeking high-performance PDF functionality.

Reliable Access for All
Organizations need to easily access content, regardless of file formats, operating systems or devices used. Electronic forms, and specifically PDF, provide reliable access to critical information natively on browsers, operating systems, and on most mobile devices. In addition, PDF provides numerous benefits to enhance collaboration in various industries. Check out the ActivePDF Success Stories to get a better idea of the wide-reaching industries utilizing PDF in day-to-day business workflows.

Dynamic PDF
Working in a high-volume PDF environment, and in particular with ActivePDF, you probably know the importance of having products that give you options and work together to help streamline your business workflow. For example, DocGenius™ Toolkit and DocSight™ DocConverter operate in a server-based, Windows environment to create and convert hundreds of file types to PDF, as well as repurpose PDF files to Microsoft® Office documents, HTML, RTF, diagrams, and images. Automated conversion is replete with high-fidelity representation and extensive form-fill functionality.

The experience doesn’t stop there, because in a dynamic PDF environment, time-sensitive documents become part of your fluid workflow. Editing, sharing, electronic signatures, etc. become remarkably easy, improving workflow and overall productivity. 

Integrate Collaborative Efforts
ActivePDF family of products work together, enabling cross-enterprise document sharing, collaborative content authoring, electronic form-fill, and more. As effective ways to streamline tasks in an enterprise environment, high-level PDF automation is at the core of facilitating collaboration between businesses and their clients and employees. 

By establishing this type of a system, important data and information can be easily shared between two different organizations–whether it’s a third party vendor or a client, as though they were just another arm of the same enterprise body. To best integrate collaborative efforts into your organization and take the fullest advantage of the benefits, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Map channels of collaboration in your organization, and assess what is working well and what is underperforming. 
  • Seek out employee feedback and discuss collaboration trends in your organization. Find out what their preferred methods of cooperation are, their pain points, what strategies, culture shifts, or technologies such as mobile device access.
  • Remove barriers of separation (where possible) between your organization and customers, vendors, and third parties outside the firewall. This is beneficial to organizations by possibly shortening time-to-market, lowering overhead, and increasing efficiency.

Secure, Accurate and Sharable
PDF provides a standardized, digital envelope, which permits secure, efficient, and compliant transfer between internal departments or external organizations. Whether it’s searchable OCR or legacy PostScript-to-PDF, exact reproduction and high-tolerance is key, especially when dealing with thousands or millions of generated documents.

Enterprise content can be conveniently transferred, uploaded, and downloaded from anywhere, all while maintaining version history and proper author and viewer permissions. This translates into faster customer turnaround, more transparent and open channels of communication both internally and across the firewall, and often results in an immediate ROI.

In Conclusion 
PDF functionality empowers collaboration between organizations, their employees and customers. ActivePDF’s top-of-the-line server-based, high-volume PDF functionality offers countless of benefits for teamwork in a manner that is transparent to users, no matter where they are in the world.

For an expanded version and a deeper dive into the benefits of collaborative manufacturing values, including cloud-based ECM/DM and analytics, download the AIIM focus article underwritten by ActivePDF – The Value of Collaborative Manufacturing.

For more information on the many ways ActivePDF can enhance your document workflow, contact us today.

Posted: 10/20/2017