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ActivePDF Toolkit 2017

Most successful companies have a flagship product that consistently leads the pack in sales, recognition and customer satisfaction. For ActivePDF, Toolkit is that product. Toolkit continues to be the premier tool for automated PDF creation and manipulation. Like any top-of-the-line product, Toolkit is never stagnant and always evolving to fit the needs of a fast-moving business world. Toolkit has undergone very significant changes in 2017 to fit the needs of developers and end-users.

Earlier in the year, ActivePDF introduced Toolkit for Desktop, enabling developers to extend PDF manipulation capabilities to their desktop applications. Historically, the company has focused solely on server-based PDF tools. Because of its importance and popularity, ActivePDF chose Toolkit to be the first of the company’s product suite to enter the desktop space.

With the recent release of Toolkit 2017, ActivePDF provides developers the ability to do even more with PDF than ever before. Added to Toolkit 2017 are methods and properties to programmatically delete and add annotations, along with support for additional annotation types such as highlights, circles, squares, and FreeText callouts.

Another exciting feature is the ability to merge multiple files into a single output PDF with just one call. In the previous version of Toolkit, merging multiple files required multiple calls, one right after another. The new release streamlines the process, making it simple to merge multiple files together in a single pass.

Finally, Toolkit 2017 allows developers to add trusted timestamping to digital signatures. The benefit is that developers can specify a secure server, so the timestamp is being pulled from a trusted source. Without this, timestamping uses a machine’s local time, which can be manually manipulated. A trusted server increases reliability and assists with validation.

Since it’s inception in 2000, Toolkit has won numerous awards and accolades across various industries. Visual Studio Magazine recently presented Toolkit with it’s 11th consecutive annual Reader’s Choice Award – an unprecedented feat. With the latest enhancements, Toolkit 2017 will continue to be the consummate PDF processing tool, built on solving business problems through smart PDF technology.

Developers within a wide variety of industries choose ActivePDF Toolkit because they can programmatically modify high volumes of PDF files, create new ones, and view PDF files at record speed. For more ways on how Toolkit can improve your business processes, check out our blog post “7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Toolkit.” For a complete list of Toolkit features, check out New Features in Toolkit and Toolkit KBs page on the ActivePDF website!

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Posted: 5/1/2017
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