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Health plan providers are drowning in paper thanks to PPACA

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requirements are causing health plan providers to manage reams of data. PPACA created new compliance and information reporting requirements (1094/1095c) for insurers, employers, government agencies and other health coverage providers. PPACA further mandates insurers, other coverage providers and applicable large employers to report health insurance coverage information to the Internal Revenue Service and provide a written statement to covered individuals.

The complexity of this new landscape presents health plan providers with a considerable set of challenges. They must consider medical management and network management strategies to manage the enhancements to their enablement technologies and business intelligence workflows to operate efficiently.

Effective planning and efficient execution are necessary to participate in the PPACA that will require enhancing:
  • Enrollment, billing, and customer service processes to handle the influx of new members
  • Reinforce business intelligence workflows
  • Evaluate and tighten risk, reporting and compliance capabilities
PPACA is a triumph of bureaucratic zeal. Now it has the paperwork to match its ambitions. 
Posted: 1/13/2015