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PDF Functionality Finds a Home in the Insurance Industry

The insurance business is all about documents. From member applications to claim forms, just one client could generate massive amounts of paperwork. For insurance companies that specialize in compliant-heavy industries such as the banking industry, the process can get even more complicated because of the extra demands of industry-specific compliancy and security regulations.

Additionally, international insurance companies are in the position of generating and distributing thousands of documents daily to employees and clients throughout the world. Large file-sizes and high-volume distribution of documents present a challenging situation on their own. Add in mass-distribution of HTML feature-rich emails, high-volume form-filling, secure archiving, and sending-and-receiving of sensitive financial information, and the challenge reaches a whole new dimension.

Over the past 16 years, insurance companies operating at this level have turned to ActivePDF for creative, full-volume PDF tools to meet the challenges of distributing, managing and archiving compliant documents. Most of ActivePDF's insurance company clients use three of it's most popular products – Toolkit, DocConverter and WebGrabber.

Here are a few ways Toolkit, DocConverter and WebGrabber are helping insurance companies tackle the challenges of operating in a global, high-volume, and stringent regulatory environment:

ActivePDF Toolkit operates as a corporate solution for creating PDF documents from user-inputted data. With the use of Toolkit, insurance customers have the ability to form-fill online applications, as well as send-and-receive online forms in mere minutes. Toolkit is a favorite among insurance IT professionals because it’s usable for a wide variety of PDF needs, easy to code against and easily integrates into most platforms.

ActivePDF DocConverter gives insurance companies the flexibility of appending existing PDF files and converting files to and from PDF or PDF/A, supporting almost all of the typical files types. Even when converting thousands of documents, each is converted as a mirror image – keeping elements such as font styles and sizes compliant to industry standards. DocConverter is also well known for it’s ease of integration into production servers and other applications.

ActivePDF WebGrabber is valuable to insurance companies when converting webpages or HTML files direct to PDF. For example, once WebGrabber captures and converts HTML emails to PDF, the converted files can be easily stored on the insurance company’s server, to be viewed by customers anytime and anywhere. This enables hundreds of documents to be auto-converted over-night or outside of normal work hours. Without WebGrabber, many companies that rely on HTML-based communications, would find it very difficult to archive those communications in support of document retention policies.

One particular international insurance company (with nearly 4,000 employees worldwide) has relied on all three of the above mentioned ActivePDF products to handle the heavy lifting of PDF file creation, conversion and document management. For this insurance company, Toolkit provides easy integration because it does not use a proprietary format and no format conversions are needed for document retrieval.

This insurance company also uses DocConverter as a one-stop shop for all their PDF document conversion needs. In this case, over 100 documents are converted daily. It's been conveyed that DocConverter is also popular among both employees and clients because it's user-friendly and it's shared service makes it easy for just about everyone to use.

Additionally, this insurance company turns to WebGrabber for converting HTML direct to PDF. Once WebGrabber captures and converts HTML emails to PDF, the converted files are then stored on a secure server, that can be viewed by clients. Besides making it possible to display emails on their website, WebGrabber fulfills a legal responsibility to store customer communications for records retention.

Creating, managing and distributing massive amounts of files efficiently and timely, while staying compliant within the insurance industry – this is what insurance companies receive when they integrate ActivePDF tools into their applications. ActivePDF Toolkit, DocConverter and WebGrabber provide fast and easy tools for creating PDF documents, large document conversions and converting HTML to PDF. This allows for shared, timely distribution to insurance employees and clients worldwide.

Learn how ActivePDF can help streamline and digitalize your insurance services –  See which product works best for you by using our Product Finder, use our online contact form, or call to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members directly (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., PST) at 866-468-6733.

Posted: 2/10/2017
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