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DocSpace Reader Plus – The Ultimate PDF Viewer and Editor

Choosing the right PDF viewer for your business can be daunting. This is true for many reasons, but mainly because the market is saturated with PDF viewers. However, when it comes to viewing and editing PDF files in a high-volume environment, your search becomes much easier. This is because there are not many high-quality, server-based customizable PDF reader/editor combinations out there. The ActivePDF team of engineers recognized this and found an answer with DocSpace™ Reader Plus, a new PDF viewer and editor that provides a robust, secure and customizable solution that allows you to view and edit directly on your browser.

What is DocSpace Reader Plus?
Reader Plus is a server-based PDF reader and editor with a customizable user interface that allows end users to view, edit and interact with PDF files. Like many of ActivePDF products, Reader Plus UI can be customized to fit your brand or ready to use straight ‘out of the box.’

High Speed Viewing
Built for speed, Reader Plus is designed to handle a large amount of users, immediately delivering high level performance and scalability. Compatible with most web browsers, Reader Plus makes it easy to extend high-speed PDF viewing throughout your whole organization.

Customized Edits
Reader Plus allows you to…

  • Easily add annotations such as sticky notes, shapes, text, highlight, lines, and more. 
  • Choose different languages and toggle between languages. 
  • Manipulate the default UI for things such as adding buttons or hiding elements.

Controlled Security
Reader Plus also enables the use of editable objects in the cloud, while maintaining a high level of document security. Users have the ability to ‘lock down’ files, remove the print button or disable printing, making Reader Plus more secure than most desktop PDF readers. Reader Plus hosts the PDF documents from behind your company’s firewall, protecting confidential documents from unauthorized distribution or tampering.

Quick-Look Benefits:

  • Browser-based viewing and editing
  • Server-based, one license is all you need!
  • Secure because it’s centralized on a server
  • PDF files can be ‘locked down’ and disabled from printing and downloading
  • Customize the UI or use ‘out of the box’ with default settings
  • Make changes to PDF files while retaining previous versions

Is Reader Plus for You?
There are plenty of professionals in various industries who will benefit from the functions offered by Reader Plus technology. For example, legal professionals using Reader Plus have the capability to view or modify important PDF documents such as contracts or tax forms, while maintaining compliancy and legal guidelines. Most legal professionals require the ability to make changes to their digital files on the fly. Reader Plus allows for quick edits, form-fill, save and download PDF files directly from a standard browser.

The healthcare industry gives us another great example. Healthcare professionals also view, form-fill and archive medical reports – saving as they go. Because of the sensitivity of their files, having the ability to save, ‘lock down’ and disable the print and download option before sharing gives their patients an element of trust and security. Once these customized options are in place, the necessary HIPPA-compliant digital forms can then be delivered directly to thousands of individual doctors from any terminal within the Doctor’s Network.

We’ve used legal and healthcare professionals as examples, but Reader Plus fits into just about every industry. Reader Plus provides confidence to IT professionals and developers concerned with maintaining regulatory compliances, ease-of-use, and customizable features, all in a secure environment.

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Posted: 12/12/2017