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FinTech: PDF Strategies Combine Technology with a Personal Touch

These are exciting times for the financial industry. As technology continues to advance, Financial Technology (also known as FinTech) is creatively integrating digital strategies into traditional business practices. High-volume and high-speed PDF business processes are playing a big role in how financial institutions are entering the era of digital transformation.

FinTech is unique because it needs digital transformation to be competitive by offering accurate, high-speed and secure account and document management services. At the same time, it’s important to provide a personalized customer experience. After all, people are entrusting their financial futures to institutions that today exist mostly on a digital platform, as opposed to the brick-and-mortar environments of the past. Still, customer relations on a human level is an important element when choosing a bank or investment firm.

As a software company committed to superior customer support, ActivePDF understands the importance of merging technology with a personal touch. For over 16 years, the developers at ActivePDF have provided financial institutions solid PDF tools that are uncomplicated, compliant and cost-effective. Not only does this keep financial institutions competitive within the industry, it allows them to focus their development efforts on providing personal one-on-one professional financial services.

Financial organizations, from community banks to Global 500 companies, rely on ActivePDF products such as Toolkit, Server, WebGrabber, and DocConverter to assist in modifying, managing and maintaining sensitive documents using secure, feature-rich PDF functionality.

Improved customer experience
ActivePDF helps financial institutions build client relationships by providing server-based PDF tools that can integrate creatively within existing applications. Following are just a few examples of how ActivePDF tools can combine technology with personal user experience:

  • By integrating existing print workflow with ActivePDF Server, a Windows multi-threaded PDF print service, financial clients can receive customized auto-generated PDF proposals at their fingertips.
  • ActivePDF DocConverter’s high-volume conversion Engine converts disparate file formats into PDF and PDF/A documents, offering individualized document retention and archiving.
  • FinTech professionals take advantage of ActivePDF Toolkit’s powerful .NET and COM libraries that interact with a Database-like Microsoft SQL Server to automate PDF form-creation and form-filling documents that can be tailored to individual client profiles.

Adhering to government regulations
While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is making advancements into digital transformation, there are still instances where the IRS requires paper documents. ActivePDF also helps in these cases providing users the ability to populate IRS forms producing government-required paper documents. For example, many financial organizations use ActivePDF WebGrabber to archive high-volumes of HTML content as print-ready PDF documents.

Finance IT challenges and solutions
Challenges within the FinTech IT space often arise when interacting with regulatory agencies using uncomplimentary tools. For example, Microsoft Word repaginates when documents are changed, and since the IRS needs to see those changes, repagination sometimes cause issues with that agency’s document review process. ActivePDF tools do not repaginate or alter original content on output, therefore providing organized documents with exact rendering, ready for review and approval.

More ways businesses benefit from the ActivePDF suite of tools:

  • Eliminates the paper trail of receiving data manually from multiple clients
  • Reduces man-hours of compiling data and getting it back to their clients for sign off
  • Gathers client sign-off processes in an easy and automated fashion
  • Converts Microsoft Word and Excel files into PDF files for proposals, contracts, deliverable electronic signature forms, etc.
  • Generates PDF files from HTML page stream
  • Postscript-to-PDF for accurately converting a wide variety of printed documents

Finance is exciting!
In order to grow in a competitive market, financial institutions must create an organizational structure that lends itself to innovation while concurrently providing a more personal customer experience. FinTech has accelerated the push to bring the industry into a more digital environment.

Through automated PDF functionality, ActivePDF provides the tools for Financial institutions to stay on pace with the needs of their clients, keep up with compliant mandates and evolve within a changing world.

Learn how ActivePDF can help streamline and digitalize your financial services to help deliver a more personal customer experience –  See which product works best for you by using our Product Finder, use our online contact form, or call to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members directly (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., PST) at 866-468-6733.

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Posted: 12/23/2016
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