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Product: Xtractor

Xtractor is the developer tool for searching and extracting text and images from PDF files. Quickly locate and extract PDF-based text or images to use in other applications. Xtractor provides a developer's library specialized for finding and extracting text, images, and metadata from PDF files in an enterprise environment.

Specify search criteria, such as words, invoice data, image formats, location and coordinates. The extracted content is then immediately available for automation, editing, indexing, and more.

Xtractor by ActivePDF

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Developer API to Extract Data From PDF Files

Extract Data from PDF Files with Xtractor

Searchable Data, Data Mining, Data Extraction

Extract and Save:

Save all extracted text in-memory to a string; and images to specified pages or placement coordinates.

Searchable Data, Data Mining, Data Extraction

Classification and Indexing:

Automate key extraction data to index documents for archiving, classification, and more.

Searchable Data, Data Mining, Data Extraction

Automate PDF Processing:

Automate high-volume search and extraction based on keywords, key phrases, location, and more.