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Extract Content from PDF

  • Search PDF at specific locations to retrieve/extract text and images including .png, .jpeg, tiff, or bmp!
  • Extract information such as addresses, invoice data, and report data.
  • Extract images or text to match perfect criteria used in workflow automation.
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PDF Text and Image Extraction

Xtractor is a versatile server-based tool for finding and extracting text and images from PDF files. A whole variety of PDF content suddenly becomes available such as addresses, invoice and report data. The library extracts text or images to match specifed criteria, and then the results are used to automate document workflow, enhance usability and much more. The straight-forward .NET interface eliminates the complexities involved with coding. Xtractor may be deployed as a standalone application or used as a companion to ActivePDF Toolkit to maximize flexibility and further extend your document processes.

PDF Text and Image Extraction Tool Video

Feature List

  • Extract text by file or page
  • Export results to file or array
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Multithread application for blazing fast performance
  • In-memory processing for even faster performance
  • Companion piece to ActivePDF Toolkit for extended PDF functionality
  • Simple, straight-forward developer interface for programmatic utilization
  • ... and much more!
  • Search by location and Return text
  • Search by text and Return Location
  • Developer's Library
  • Search by phrase and return adjacent text
  • Count instances
  • Find all
  • Get Metadata
  • Extract images by file or page
  • Extract image by location
  • Automate the extraction of information such as addresses, invoices and report data
  • Capture data in flattened forms
  • Transform PDF documents into text
  • Process information for document classification and indexing
  • Repurpose images
  • Evaluate content and metadata

Pricing & Licensing

Xtractor Pricing & Licensing
NOTE: OEM and SaaS pricing available upon request.

  • Fast Start
    • Develop Your Software  Free for 30 Days
    • Unlimited Developer Assistance
    • Includes All ActivePDF Developer Products
  • Developer
    $295 Billed Annually
    • Single Developer Plan
    • Includes Support and Updates  
    • Site license for Team Access Available
  • Annual
    $ Billed Annually
    • Single Instance Liicence
    • Includes Support and Updates
    • Pay-As-You-Go with Annual Renewal
  • Perpetual
    • Single Instance Perpetual Licence
    • Single Developer Annual License
    • First Year Maintenance and Support Included

  • Production Only
    • Single Instance Production License
    • 30 Days Installation Support
    • Activation Assistance for 90 Days
  • Production Assurance
    • Single Instance Production License
    • First Year Support and Updates
  • Production Plus
    • All of the Benefits of Production Assurance
    • Includes One Year Single Developer Plan


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