Feature List

Automate the extraction of addresses, totals, and report data

Capture data in flattened forms

Export results to file or array

Evaluate content and metadata

Extract text by file or page

In-memory processing for even faster performance

Multithreaded application for blazingly-fast performance

Process information for document classification and indexing

Repurpose images within the original file

Scalable and flexible PDF data extraction

Search by location and return text

Search by phrase and return adjacent text

Search by text and return location

Transform PDF documents into text

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Product Sheet

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activepdf Xtractor Documentation pdf data extraction api


Browse Xtractor's product documentation.

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activepdf Xtractor Examples pdf data extraction api


Fully-functional code in a variety of languages.

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activepdf Xtractor Knowledge pdf data extraction api


Helpful info for optimizing your Xtractor deployment.

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