Feature List

Server-based HTML to PDF conversion </>

Designed from the ground-up for server-side processing

Enterprise-class, multithreaded performance

Centralized control over conversion settings

No per-user or per-document fees

Supports W3C HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and forms

Generate PDF dynamically from your web applications </>

Remote component enables offloading jobs to separate server

Configurable for both superior performance and high fidelity </>

Choose your HTML rendering engine on a job-by-job basis </>

Rendering based on Internet Explorer and WebKit technologies </>

Maintain active features including hyperlinks and headings

Convert HTML form fields to their PDF equivalents </>

Embed Flash movies into PDF </>

Output to PDF, PDF/A or PDF/X </>

Control font embedding and subsetting options

Control image options, including downsampling </>

Concatenate output to existing PDF </>

Optimize PDF for 'Fast Web View' </>

Dynamically add headers and footers </>

Easily add page numbers to your converted files </>

Add company logos and watermarks to PDF output </>

Secure output files with standard PDF encryption </>

Add document metadata during conversion </>

Customize output page dimensions </>

Output delivery via email, FTP, or network folder </>

Support for web authentication or proxy conversions </>

Digitally sign output PDFs for additional security </>

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