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Product: Toolkit

Toolkit is the powerful developer tool to create, modify, view, extract, and automate data to and from PDF files within software applications. The Toolkit library contains hundreds of properties and methods, designed to tackle any PDF-related task.

Whether you need a few documents a day or thousands of pages a second, Toolkit is the high-performance PDF manipulation and compression tool that helps get the job done!

Toolkit by ActivePDF

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industry-leading .net API to Manipulate PDF files

Create, Convert, Modify, View, Extract, and Automate with Toolkit

PDF Modification, PDF Manipulation, Developer Tool

Create and Modify Form-Fields:

Easily populate or extract form-field data, set field properties, control appearance, and more.

PDF Modification, PDF Manipulation, Developer Tool

File and Page Modifications:

Extract, insert, and rotate pages. Append, stitch, and embed files. Add bookmarks and hyperlinks.

PDF Modification, PDF Manipulation, Developer Tool

Compression Optimization:

Reduce PDF file size by subsetting fonts, compressing images, and discarding user data.