Feature List

PDF Processing Library

Scalable and flexible

Simple, straight-forward developer interface

Create new PDF documents on-the-fly </>

Modify existing PDF documents </>

In-memory processing of PDF files </>

Automate the import/export of form-field data </>

Create, update, flatten and remove form fields </>

Append / merge / concatenate PDF documents </>

Split PDF document into single or multipage documents </>

Add headers and footers during PDF generation </>

Add text and images to PDF documents </>

Add watermarks and logos to PDF document </>

Add attachments and annotations to PDF </>

Create, import, and delete bookmarks </>

Create smaller files using object and cross-reference streams </>

Populate form fields from a database table

Encrypt, Decrypt, add and remove password information

Convert image files to PDF </>

Print images to PDF </>

Customize metadata with XMP </>

Get / Set page size, orientation, and viewer preferences </>

Count pages and add page numbers </>

Create and apply digital signatures </>

Optimize PDF for 'Fast Web View' </>

Set PDF viewer preferences (i.e. zoom, transitions) </>

Generate barcodes for PDF content

Stitch multiple PDF pages into a single page

AES 256-bit PDF encryption </>

Modify form field attributes: read-only, color, font, etc.

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