Feature List

Add attachments and annotations to PDF

Add headers and footers during PDF generation

Add text and images to PDF documents

Add watermarks and logos to PDF document

AES 256-bit PDF encryption

Append / merge / concatenate PDF documents

Automate the import/export of form-field data

Convert image files to PDF

Count pages and add page numbers

Create and apply digital signatures

Create, import, and delete bookmarks

Create new PDF documents on-the-fly

Create smaller files using object and cross-reference streams

Create, update, flatten and remove form fields

Customize metadata with XMP

Encrypt, Decrypt, add and remove password information

Generate barcodes for PDF content

Get / Set page size, orientation, and viewer preferences

In-memory processing of PDF files

Modify existing PDF documents

Modify form field attributes: read-only, color, font, etc.

PDF Processing Library

Populate form fields from a database table

Print images to PDF

Optimize PDF for 'Fast Web View'

Scalable and flexible

Set PDF viewer preferences (i.e. zoom, transitions)

Simple, straight-forward developer interface

Split PDF document into single or multipage documents

Stitch multiple PDF pages into a single page

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