Feature List

Add bookmarks to generated PDF files

Add company logos and stamp watermarks

Add document metadata

Automatically Email or FTP output PDF

Built-in support for Image to PDF conversions

Centralized and controlled PDF settings

Control font embedding and substitution options

Control image options, including downsampling

Convert PostScript, PCL and XPS directly to PDF

Encrypt output with PDF security

Enterprise-class, multithreaded performance

Insert PDFMark to further enhance PDF output

PDF-enable legacy apps with existing print code

Output to PDF, PDF/A or PDF/X

Scalable, high volume PDF generation

Specify output resolution and print quality

Server Resources

activepdf pdf server resources product sheet

Product Sheet

Download Server details in a convenient PDF.

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activepdf pdf server resources documentation


Browse Server's product documentation.

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activepdf pdf server resources examples


Fully-functional code in a variety of languages.

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activepdf pdf server resources info


Helpful info for optimizing your Server deployment.

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