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Product: Redactor

With today's numerous data privacy and security challenges, it can be hard to find the right partner to redact your sensitive PDF information from prying eyes. Redactor by ActivePDF is a .NET PDF API redaction technology software solution for Developers, IT Administrators and leading Department Heads.

Confidently remove and obscure information within PDF files so viewers cannot see or search for sensitive information. With Redactor, you can redact specific words, text, images, or entire pages, as well as remove and replace the text or images with a custom-filled box of your choice.

Redactor by ActivePDF

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PDF Redaction API provides security with confidence

Search and Redact Sensitive Data with Redactor

Redaction, Sensitive PDF Data, Legal PDF Solutions

Search and Redact:

Use regular expressions to search and redact specified data.

Redaction, Sensitive PDF Data, Legal PDF Solutions

Remove and Block:

Censor entire pages, complex info, and simple words or numbers.

Redaction, Sensitive PDF Data, Legal PDF Solutions

Controlled Redaction:

Prevent viewers from searching, marking, or copying redacted data.