Feature List

Add annotations: sticky notes, shapes, text, highlight and lines

Add or update document metadata

Allow users to view, edit and form-fill from any browser

Architected for high performance and scalability

Built-in support for all browsers

Create custom buttons to further extend UI capabilities

Database independent

Enforce data entry for required fields or pre-populate them

Password protect security options

PDF pages can be added, removed or reordered

No client-side software... all you need is a browser

No desktop licensing or maintenance required

Optimized rendering allows fast viewing and quick edits

REST-based Windows Service

Restrict or allow user permissions such as download, print, and more

Retain forms and documents securely behind your firewall

Retrieve field data

Server-based, secure and centralized deployment

Supported bookmarks and hyperlinks

Users can save work in progress, returning later to finalize edits

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Product Sheet

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Browse Reader Plus product documentation.

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activepdf reader plus resources examples


Fully-functional code in a variety of languages.

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activepdf reader plus resources info


Helpful info for optimizing your Reader Plus deployment.

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