Feature List

Annotations for output image files

Error handling with error status

Input PDF format and select image output options

Load input and output as stream or physical file

Output options: .BMP, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .RGB, .TIFF, and more

Set Dots per Inch (DPI) of rendered image

Set gamma correction and color inversion

Set quality of the output image file

Set scale factor and rotation of file

Set user-defined image size

Rasterizer Resources

activepdf Rasterizer Product Sheet pdf to img api

Product Sheet

Download Rasterizer's details in a convenient PDF.

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activepdf rasterizer Documentation pdf to img api


Browse Rasterizer's product documentation.

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activepdf rasterizer Examples pdf to img api


Fully-functional code in a variety of languages.

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activepdf rasterizer Knowledge pdf to img api


Helpful info for optimizing your Rasterizer deployment.

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