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DocSight OCR is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool that provides accurate conversion into searchable text PDF documents.

Quickly and easily capture data with full-text OCR or zonal data extraction tools, whether on a network or in a private cloud. This is the perfect OCR solution for IT Administrators, Department Heads, and Developers within every industry.

This powerful OCR solution is meant to process 100k+ to millions of pages per year. For those with smaller projects, please contact us.

OCR by ActivePDF

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Capture, Extract, and Verify 

Convert PDF Files Into Searchable Data with OCR

OCR, Data Capture, Searchable Data

Zonal Data Capture Add-on:

Zonal data capture add-on enables capture, extract, and verify data from scanned or image-based PDFs.

OCR, Data Capture, Searchable Data

Watched Folder Interface:

Drag-and-drop processing and individual folders can be configured for specific scenarios.

OCR, Data Capture, Searchable Data


120+ languages, including Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Thai, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Korean.