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What is DocSpace?

It's never been easier to process your documents without having to go online or even open up multiple applications on your desktop. Efficiency Explorers will enjoy learning how to build their own RPA bots that can take over repetitive tasks with watch folders.


  • Easily Manage Your Files

    Right-click, drag-and-drop files, or quickly build your own Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

  • Basic, Custom, and Auto Tasks

    Customize your experience and adjust each automation profile to your liking.

  • Process Files Locally Offline

    Download for personal and professional daily use, or deploy to 10k workers in a few minutes.

  • Let Bots Work on Your Documents

    A simple UI makes it easy to build tasks for bots that work on your documents automatically.

  • Blast Through the Clouds

    Push and pull across your favorite cloud storage locations to launch new workflow possibilities.

  • Instant ROI with RPA

    Both the basic and powerful RPA tasks save countless hours of wasted time fidgeting with documents.

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DocSpace is a Desktop Companion for Your Files

PDF Conversion, High-Volume Conversion, Document Management

Convert Between Files Types:

Convert high volumes of files, including Word/Excel to PDF without per-user or per-document fees.

PDF Conversion, High-Volume Conversion, Document Management

Fast & Reliable PDF Compression:

Proven technology that enables scalable file and document processing for any workload.

PDF Conversion, High-Volume Conversion, Document Management

On-Demand and RPA Tasks:

Can't right-click? Use bots to scan watch folders or try drag-and-drop from your desktop to the server.