Feature List

High Volume Document Conversion

Designed from the ground-up for server-side processing

Enterprise-class, multithreaded performance

Fault-tolerant scalability to millions of documents per day

Centralized control over conversion settings

No per-user or per-document fees

Watched folder or developer APIs for on the fly transformation

Convert hundreds of file types directly to PDF </>

Repurpose PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML or text </>

Add file conversion to any Windows server-based application </>

Maintain active features including hyperlinks and headings

Add company logos and watermarks to PDF output </>

Secure output files with standard PDF encryption </>

Add document metadata during conversion </>

Optimize PDF for 'Fast Web View' </>

Concatenate output to existing PDF

Remote component enables offloading jobs to separate server </>

Control font embedding and subsetting options </>

Output delivery via email, FTP, or network folder </>

Output to PDF and PDF/A

Validate existing PDF/A files for standards-compliance

Transform PDF to Image: TIFF, JPEG, BMP or PNG </>

CAD: Transform DWG files to PDF and PDF/A </>

CAD: SHX text as geometry, simple geometry optimization </>

CAD: Line weight, color, true type as geometry </>

CAD: Hidden line removal, hatch to bitmap DPI, zoom to extents </>

CAD: Embed fonts, ASCII Hex encoding </>

CAD: Export Layouts, Exact Extents, Flate Compression </>

Settings for converting from PDF </>

PDF Compression

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