Powerful PDF Compressor API for Developers

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. If PDF files are too large they can negatively impact an organizations ability to share, email and archive important business information due to bandwidth and storage limitations. Having the ability to quickly implement a solution to reduce PDF file size helps companies improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

Compressor is the developer API you need to compress text, images, and objects to reduce the size of PDF files. Eliminating the time-intensive work of performing manual compression tasks, Compressor eases the daily challenge of working with large-sized files.

Powerful PDF Compression Technology

PDF Compressor API Technology Highlights:

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Control Image Compression: Control compression size for images embedded within PDF files including JPEG, JP2, and raw.


Manage Image Output: Adjust embedded color or grayscale images, and reduce Dots-per-inch (DPI) for a more reduced file size.

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Optimize PDF Compression: PDF compression optimization removes document structure and further-compress objects within the file.

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Embed PDF Compressor Technology into Apps


Automated PDF Compression

Compress PDF files at a pace that scales with your business.


Compress Text, Images, & Objects

Quickly compress text, images, and objects buried in PDF files.


Centralized PDF Admin Control

Control your PDF compression and optimization results.


Reduce PDF Size for Sharing

Compressing PDF files enables you to share them on more platforms.


Maintain PDF DPI Levels

Making a compressed PDF file look right for printing and zooming.


.NET and COM API Support

Integrate into your existing backend applications and processes.

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PDF Compressor API for Developers


Simple and Easy-to-Use PDF Software

PDF software doesn't have to be complicated, even when developing.


Vast Functionality & Strong Reliability

Delivering millions of high-quality PDF files every day around the world.


Enterprise-Ready Performance

Pushing performance boundaries with powerful .NET PDF API and DLLs.


Wow, A lot of Storage You've Got There...

PDF Compressor API

Through text, image and object compression combined with optimization, Compressor significantly reduces PDF file size resulting in faster sharing and emailing, better online rendering and reduced storage requirements. Developers can quickly and easily add Compressor to an application with a versatile .NET or COM API.

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Compressor Features

PDF Compressor API Features

Key Product Features
Compress images embedded inside of PDF files  
Compress objects inside of PDF files  
Compress PDF text in files  
Control PDF compression and optimization results  
Easily select PDF quality vs PDF compression  
Quickly reduce PDF file sizes for better file performance and storage optimization  

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PDF Compressor API for Developers